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Documented system-source-directory, and added some minor tweaks to the info file.

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......@@ -2345,9 +2345,7 @@ The valid values for these variables are
ASDF includes several additional features that are generally
useful for system definition and development. These include:
@defun system-relative-pathname system name @&key type
It's often handy to locate a file relative to some system.
The @code{system-relative-pathname} function meets this need.
......@@ -2365,8 +2363,16 @@ and optionally a keyword argument @code{type}.
The arguments will then be interpreted in the same way
as pathname specifiers for components.
@xref{The defsystem grammar,,Pathname specifiers}.
@end defun
@end enumerate
@defun system-source-directory system-designator
ASDF does not provide a turnkey solution for locating data (or other
miscellaneous) files that are distributed together with the source code
of a system. Programmers can use @code{system-source-directory} to find
such files. Returns a pathname object. The @var{system-designator} may
be a string, symbol, or ASDF system object.
@end defun
@node Getting the latest version, FAQ, Miscellaneous additional functionality, Top
......@@ -2444,7 +2450,7 @@ leading to much confusion and greavance.
ASDF 2 implements its own portable syntax for strings as pathname specifiers.
Naming files within a system definition becomes easy and portable again.
See @code{asdf:system-relative-pathname},
@xref{Miscellaneous additional functionality,asdf:system-relative-pathname},
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