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rewrite docs makefile for less spurious error-looking output

I got pissed off that the text "failed. See log in <rule>.log"
appeared in successful doc makefile executions, so I made that no
longer the case. Now, failure messages print when a command fails, but
will not appear at all in the output of a successful run.

Also, processes' error output was not being redirected to logfiles,
because the `2>&1` was before the `> logfile` and shell redirects are
stupid. Now both stdout and stderr of subprocesses are redirected to
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......@@ -12,20 +12,27 @@ intermediate = asdf.cps asdf.log asdf.vr asdf.aux asdf.fn asdf.toc asdf.vrs \
all: asdf.html asdf.pdf manual-html
log_output = > $@.log 2>&1 || { echo " failed. See log in $@.log" ; exit 1 ;}
manual-html: asdf.texinfo
makeinfo --html asdf.texinfo \
2>&1 > manual-html.log || { echo "failed. See log in manual-html.log" ; exit 1 ;}
@echo "makeinfo --html asdf.texinfo"
@makeinfo --html asdf.texinfo \
asdf.html: asdf.texinfo
makeinfo --html --no-split --no-headers -o asdf.html asdf.texinfo \
2>&1 > asdf.html.log || { echo "failed. See log in asdf.html.log" ; exit 1 ;}
@echo "makeinfo --html --no-split --no-headers -o asdf.html asdf.texinfo"
@makeinfo --html --no-split --no-headers -o asdf.html asdf.texinfo \
$(log_output) asdf.texinfo
makeinfo asdf.texinfo
@echo "makeinfo asdf.texinfo"
@makeinfo asdf.texinfo \
asdf.pdf: asdf.texinfo
texi2pdf asdf.texinfo \
2>&1 > asdf.pdf.log || { echo "failed. See log in asdf.pdf.log" ; exit 1 ;}
@echo "texi2pdf asdf.texinfo"
@texi2pdf asdf.texinfo \
website: all
rsync -lt --no-g ${webfiles} ${website}
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