Commit f02926df authored by Robert P. Goldman's avatar Robert P. Goldman
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Extend DEF-TEST-SYSTEM to permit systems named with strings.

parent feaa1e4d
......@@ -592,8 +592,15 @@ is bound, write a message and exit on an error. If
(setf *package* (find-package :asdf-test))
(defmacro def-test-system (name &rest rest)
`(apply (asym :register-system-definition) ',name :pathname ,*test-directory*
:source-file nil ',rest))
(etypecase name
`(apply (asym :register-system-definition) ',name
:pathname ,*test-directory*
:source-file nil ',rest))
`(apply (asym :register-system-definition) ,name
:pathname ,*test-directory*
:source-file nil ',rest))))
(defun in-plan-p (plan x) (member x (acall :plan-actions plan) :key (asym :action-path) :test 'equal))
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