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Update debian/changelog

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......@@ -12,28 +12,36 @@ cl-asdf (2:3.1.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
Failure to explicitly inherit from own of the explicitly propagating
or non-propagating classes will result in a WARNING for now.
* force-not now takes precedence over force, and systems named in the
set (represented as an equal hash-table) *immutable-systems* are always
*immutable-systems* set (represented as an equal hash-table) are always
forced-not, and even their .asd is not refreshed from the filesystem.
* portability is much improved, with support for the latest GCL, and
fixes for ABCL, CLISP, ECL, LispWorks, MKCL, SBCL, XCL, etc.
* bundle support was refactored; ECL support is fixed;
* bundle support was refactored, with many fixes to previously uncommon cases.
ECL support is fixed, MKCL added, with a common extension to build programs
without pulling in UIOP and with it the compiler.
image-op was added to create heap images for use with e.g. cl-launch.
load-fasl-op was renamed to load-bundle-op, fasl-op to compile-bundle-op,
binary-op to deliver-asd-op, and so forth for the monolithic- variants;
previous names remain available for backward compatibility.
* robustness: Test improvements. Added missing dependencies in asdf.asd(!).
* robustness: Test improvements and new tests.
Added missing dependencies in asdf.asd itself(!).
Fixes to version-satisfies (thanks to stassats), to the file-stamp cache.
Fixes regression from whereby ASDF failed to avoid downgrading.
Fix to regression from whereby ASDF failed to avoid downgrading.
Many cleanups. Many explanatory updates to source code comments.
* run-program tweaked again, notably on Windows, on CLISP, and
on implementations without a native run-program. On Windows, we
punt on trying to ensure no final space is ever echo'ed by CMD.EXE " ".
* provide both "asdf" and "ASDF" to play nicer with various Lisps.
* upgrading from a sufficiently forward-compatible version (currently: 2.33)
will be less disruptive of ASDF uses and enhancements in the current image:
will be less disruptive of ASDF data and enhancements in the current image:
previously loaded systems will not be cleared anymore,
variables defined with defparameter* will not be reset.
Punting on upgrades from ASDF 1 for more robust behavior.
* make is the new name for build-system, as an experimental alternative
interface to building software with ASDF — it operates with build-op,
which itself delegates to *load-system-operation* by default.
Prepare-op also delegates to *load-system-operation* on systems.
You might bind that variable to load-bundle-op instead of load-op.
* uiop much improved so as to be used with Google's build system blaze:
with-temporary-file, dump-image / restore-image, ensure-pathname,
compile-file*, with-saved-deferred-warnings.
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