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      2.015.2: fix defsystem to avoid infinite loop in some cases. · ff4057b6
      Francois-Rene Rideau authored
      Nikodemus reported on the list an infortunate interaction with quicklisp.
      such if when you had a system installed both in quicklisp and outside
      quicklisp, say flexi-streams, and the .asd defsystem'ed an auxiliary system,
      say flexi-streams-test, and you tried to load the version outside quicklisp,
      e.g. by putting it first in the *central-registry*, then ASDF would
      start loading the non-quicklisp .asd; during parse-component-form for the
      auxiliary system, find-system would be called and then locate the quicklisp
      version, since it can't be found by file name, but quicklisp includes it
      in its database; ASDF would then load the quicklisp .asd; during the
      parse-component-form for the main system, it would call find-system,
      and the non-quicklisp .asd would be found, and so on in an infinite loop.
      This patch refactors defsystem to put all the work in a function
      will a trivial macro-expansion. The function pushes the system being
      currently defined into a list of such systems that is specially consulted
      first by search-for-system-definition, hopefully avoiding any loop.
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