1. 24 Sep, 2016 5 commits
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      Add and use close-streams · bf0c738b
      Elias Pipping authored
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      Use parameter-error. Reorganise errors. · ca43e4fd
      Elias Pipping authored
      - Move parameter error handling for CLISP:
        Catches cases where :error-output is set to :output before it is
        normalized: normalization would fail because there is no
        corresponding case in the ectypecase clause.
      - Check for combinations that would eventually lead to errors
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      Add file-stream*-p · e7e53e02
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      Use not-implemented-error · 53f76ea0
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      Tests: Use :sax module on allegro · 8276890d
      Elias Pipping authored
      The :osi module e.g. currently appears to pull in :regexp2 and thus
      :yacc as dependencies. Consequently, any code that uses the :osi
      module (e.g. by calling excl.osi:kill) will have the :osi module
      The :sax module, in contrast, is far less likely to be pulled in by
      accident, making test-require more robust on allegro.
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