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No operation initargs

François-René Rideau requested to merge no-operation-initargs into master

This MR build upon !33 (merged) and wholly eliminate the non-sensical and unsupported initargs to operation.

A casualty is make-build, as inherited from asdf-ecl (2005 era) and apparently still used by ECL. @dkochmanski will be pissed, but he'll have to learn about using program-op and program-system instead — which are supported (and using secondary systems, if for some reason he doesn't want to use program-system with primary systems). While we're pissing off @dkochmanski, I'm also removing the trivial and useless function build-system in the same directory.

@epipping I don't think you're interested in reviewing defsystem changes, so I'm assigning directly to @rgoldman for review.

@rgoldman considering the controversy, you may want to either merge fast before next release and be done with it, or make an announcement at this release and do it for the next release, which lets the wound fester longer, but gives more time for users to adapt (assuming there's more than a single one, which is not that obvious).

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