Commit b0594e19 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau Committed by Elias Pipping

Bless launch-program as primary function

Make %run-program the alias of launch-program rather than the other way around.
Rename %use-run-program to %use-launch-program. Update tests.

NB: I wanted to move %run-program to backward-driver, but that won't help:
since the function was never exported from uiop/run-program, it wasn't in uiop.

Thanks to Elias Pipping for his help getting this commit right.
parent b5949c53
......@@ -144,4 +144,4 @@ and a small subset of the functionality from ALEXANDRIA or FARE-UTILS.
We recommend you use UIOP instead of any of the above, where applicable,
since UIOP is more portable, more robust, more ubiquitous, better designed,
better documented, etc. If you see any way in which UIOP isn't superior,
we're interested in improving it so it become so.
please tell us: we're interested in improving it so it become so.
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