Commit b570ee9f authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau

plan changes:

* move *all* timestamp management to COMPUTE-ACTION-STAMP.
* goodbye visit-dependencies, move its functionality to map-direct-dependencies,
* refactored map-direct-dependencies and co to always take a plan object.
* modified clients of map-direct-dependencies and co to pass a proper plan, or t.
Add invalid file with false if-feature to bundle.
parent bb911b65
......@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@ itself.")) ;; operation on a system and its dependencies
;; your component-depends-on method better gathered the correct dependencies in the correct order.
(while-collecting (collect)
o c #'(lambda (sub-o sub-c)
t o c #'(lambda (sub-o sub-c)
(loop :for f :in (funcall key sub-o sub-c)
:when (funcall test f) :do (collect f))))))
......@@ -368,7 +368,7 @@ itself.")) ;; operation on a system and its dependencies
:keep-operation 'load-op))
(while-collecting (x) ;; resolve the sideway-dependencies of s
'load-op s
t 'load-op s
#'(lambda (o c)
(when (and (typep o 'load-op) (typep c 'system))
(x c)))))))
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
:asdf/operation :asdf/action :asdf/lisp-action)
#:component-operation-time #:mark-operation-done
#:plan-traversal #:sequential-plan #:*default-plan-class*
#:plan #:plan-traversal #:sequential-plan #:*default-plan-class*
#:planned-action-status #:plan-action-status #:action-already-done-p
#:circular-dependency #:circular-dependency-actions
#:node-for #:needed-in-image-p
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
#:normalize-forced-systems #:action-forced-p #:action-forced-not-p
#:map-direct-dependencies #:reduce-direct-dependencies #:direct-dependencies
#:visit-dependencies #:compute-action-stamp #:traverse-action
#:compute-action-stamp #:traverse-action
#:circular-dependency #:circular-dependency-actions
#:call-while-visiting-action #:while-visiting-action
#:make-plan #:plan-actions #:perform-plan #:plan-operates-on-p
......@@ -32,7 +32,8 @@
;;;; Generic plan traversal class
(with-upgradability ()
(defclass plan-traversal ()
(defclass plan () ())
(defclass plan-traversal (plan)
((system :initform nil :initarg :system :accessor plan-system)
(forced :initform nil :initarg :force :accessor plan-forced)
(forced-not :initform nil :initarg :force-not :accessor plan-forced-not)
......@@ -146,13 +147,12 @@ the action of OPERATION on COMPONENT in the PLAN"))
(with-upgradability ()
(defgeneric action-valid-p (plan operation component)
(:documentation "Is this action valid to include amongst dependencies?"))
(defmethod action-valid-p ((plan plan-traversal) (o operation) (c component))
(defmethod action-valid-p ((plan t) (o operation) (c component))
(if-let (it (component-if-feature c)) (featurep it) t))
(defmethod action-valid-p ((plan t) (o null) (c t)) nil)
(defmethod action-valid-p ((plan t) (o t) (c null)) nil)
(defmethod action-valid-p ((plan null) (o operation) (c component)) t))
;;;; Is the action needed in this image?
(with-upgradability ()
(defgeneric needed-in-image-p (operation component)
......@@ -169,38 +169,30 @@ the action of OPERATION on COMPONENT in the PLAN"))
;;;; Visiting dependencies of an action and computing action stamps
(with-upgradability ()
(defun map-direct-dependencies (operation component fun)
(defun (map-direct-dependencies) (plan operation component fun)
(loop* :for (dep-o-spec . dep-c-specs) :in (component-depends-on operation component)
:for dep-o = (find-operation operation dep-o-spec)
:when dep-o
:do (loop :for dep-c-spec :in dep-c-specs
:for dep-c = (and dep-c-spec (resolve-dependency-spec component dep-c-spec))
:when dep-c
:when (and dep-c (action-valid-p plan dep-o dep-c))
:do (funcall fun dep-o dep-c))))
(defun reduce-direct-dependencies (operation component combinator seed)
(defun (reduce-direct-dependencies) (plan operation component combinator seed)
operation component
plan operation component
#'(lambda (dep-o dep-c)
(setf seed (funcall combinator dep-o dep-c seed))))
(defun direct-dependencies (operation component)
(reduce-direct-dependencies operation component #'acons nil))
(defun (direct-dependencies) (plan operation component)
(reduce-direct-dependencies plan operation component #'acons nil))
;; In a distant future, get-file-stamp, component-operation-time and latest-stamp
;; shall also be parametrized by the plan, or by a second model object,
;; so they need not refer to the state of the filesystem,
;; and the stamps could be cryptographic checksums rather than timestamps.
;; Such a change remarkably would only affect VISIT-DEPENDENCIES and COMPUTE-ACTION-STAMP.
(defun visit-dependencies (plan operation component dependency-stamper &aux stamp)
operation component
#'(lambda (dep-o dep-c)
(when (action-valid-p plan dep-o dep-c)
(latest-stamp-f stamp (funcall dependency-stamper dep-o dep-c)))))
;; Such a change remarkably would only affect COMPUTE-ACTION-STAMP.
(defmethod compute-action-stamp (plan (o operation) (c component) &key just-done)
;; Given an action, figure out at what time in the past it has been done,
......@@ -216,10 +208,13 @@ the action of OPERATION on COMPONENT in the PLAN"))
(block ())
(let ((dep-stamp ; collect timestamp from dependencies (or T if forced or out-of-date)
(visit-dependencies plan o c #'(lambda (o c)
plan o c
#'(lambda (o c stamp)
(if-let (it (plan-action-status plan o c))
(action-stamp it)
(latest-stamp stamp (action-stamp it))
;; out-of-date dependency: don't bother expensively querying the filesystem
(when (and (eq dep-stamp t) (not just-done)) (return (values t nil))))
;; collect timestamps from inputs, and exit early if any is missing
......@@ -352,8 +347,8 @@ the action of OPERATION on COMPONENT in the PLAN"))
(when (and status (or (action-done-p status) (action-planned-p status) (not eniip)))
(return (action-stamp status))) ; Already visited with sufficient need-in-image level!
(labels ((visit-action (niip) ; We may visit the action twice, once with niip NIL, then T
(visit-dependencies plan operation component ; recursively traverse dependencies
#'(lambda (o c) (traverse-action plan o c niip)))
(map-direct-dependencies ; recursively traverse dependencies
plan operation component #'(lambda (o c) (traverse-action plan o c niip)))
(multiple-value-bind (stamp done-p) ; AFTER dependencies have been traversed,
(compute-action-stamp plan operation component) ; compute action stamp
(let ((add-to-plan-p (or (eql stamp t) (and niip (not done-p)))))
......@@ -398,7 +393,7 @@ the action of OPERATION on COMPONENT in the PLAN"))
(when (action-planned-p new-status)
(push (cons o c) (plan-actions-r p)))))
;;;; high-level interface: traverse, perform-plan, plan-operates-on-p
;;;; High-level interface: traverse, perform-plan, plan-operates-on-p
(with-upgradability ()
(defgeneric make-plan (plan-class operation component &key &allow-other-keys)
......@@ -411,8 +406,7 @@ the action of OPERATION on COMPONENT in the PLAN"))
(defvar *default-plan-class* 'sequential-plan)
(defmethod make-plan (plan-class (o operation) (c component) &rest keys &key &allow-other-keys)
(let ((plan (apply 'make-instance
(or plan-class *default-plan-class*)
(let ((plan (apply 'make-instance (or plan-class *default-plan-class*)
:system (component-system c) keys)))
(traverse-action plan o c t)
......@@ -471,8 +465,9 @@ the action of OPERATION on COMPONENT in the PLAN"))
(define-convenience-action-methods traverse-sub-actions (operation component &key))
(defmethod traverse-sub-actions ((operation operation) (component component) &rest keys &key &allow-other-keys)
(apply 'traverse-actions (direct-dependencies operation component)
(defmethod traverse-sub-actions ((operation operation) (component component)
&rest keys &key &allow-other-keys)
(apply 'traverse-actions (direct-dependencies t operation component)
:system (component-system component) keys))
(defmethod plan-actions ((plan filtered-sequential-plan))
......@@ -66,7 +66,9 @@
:components ((:file "file1") (:file "file3")))
(defsystem :test-asdf/bundle-2
:depends-on (:test-asdf/bundle-1) :components ((:file "file2")))
:depends-on (:test-asdf/bundle-1) :components
((:file "file2")
(:file "invalid-file" :if-feature (:not :common-lisp))))
(defsystem :test-asdf/force
:depends-on (:test-asdf/force1)
......@@ -89,6 +89,7 @@ previously-loaded version of ASDF."
#:explain #:perform #:perform-with-restarts #:input-files #:output-files ;; action
#:component-depends-on #:operation-done-p #:component-depends-on
#:traverse ;; backward-interface
#:map-direct-dependencies #:reduce-direct-dependencies #:direct-dependencies ;; plan
#:operate ;; operate
#:parse-component-form ;; defsystem
#:apply-output-translations ;; output-translations
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