Commit ca48309a authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman

Fix LOOP macro for Lispworks.

parent 92063050
......@@ -109,12 +109,12 @@ Please only define ~S and secondary systems with a name starting with ~S (e.g. ~
(defun record-additional-system-input-file (pathname component parent)
(let* ((record-on (if parent
(loop :for par = parent :then (component-parent par)
:with retval
:while par
:do (setf retval par)
:finally (return retval))
(loop :with retval
:for par = parent :then (component-parent par)
:while par
:do (setf retval par)
:finally (return retval))
(op (make-operation 'define-op))
(cell (or (assoc op (%additional-input-files record-on))
(let ((new-cell (list op)))
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