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      Be a little bit more defensive about looking up classes for component · 3bc52526
      Christophe Rhodes authored
      It seems regrettably common for system authors, despite the
      documentation, to place their system in CL-USER, where the user can
      quite legitimately add symbols.  Adjust the lookup code in
      CLASS-FOR-TYPE to ignore symbols not naming subclasses of
      ASDF:COMPONENT, and also to try the symbol itself first if it's not
      a keyword.  Also adjust the documentation slightly to make this slightly
      Add test files, and make the clisp test-harness work for me.
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    • Daniel Barlow's avatar
      Patches for ECL, courtesy of Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll · c7738c62
      Daniel Barlow authored
      * "ECL cannot externalize packages in compiled files. In other words,
      compiled files cannot have package objects as literal
      constants. Things like LOAD-TIME-VALUE, or saving the package name and
      afterwards looking for the package is all right. This only affects
      your uses of #.*package* somewhere in the code."
      * Also an appropriate run-shell-command implementation
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      Fix component-relative-pathname so that it merges the correct type in · e0d02781
      Daniel Barlow authored
      if unsupplied
      Shuffle some definitions around to reduce 'not defined yet' complaints
      Changes to :force option on operations -
       ':force t' is no longer passed onto dependent systems
       ':force (system1 system2 ...systemn)' is a list of system names to be forced
       ':force :all' is the original force-everything-recursively behaviour
  15. 08 Feb, 2003 1 commit
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      Make the :serial switch actually do something (useful for CLX systems) · d2063dd1
      Daniel Barlow authored
      Some glue that won't affect too many people but that lets ASDF cleanly
      hook the extensible PROVIDE/REQUIRE mechanism in upcoming SBCL 0.7.13
      Fix wild-modules to not object when we call (setf (module-components))
      on a new or about-to-be-reinitialised module.  We need to be able to
      do this to get the weeds out, so it should be legal
  16. 04 Feb, 2003 1 commit
    • Daniel Barlow's avatar
      Rationalise the system-definition-finding machinery a bit. · 60e59ce3
      Daniel Barlow authored
      *central-registry* no longer takes functions (that feature was broken
      anyway), but a new list *system-definition-search-functions*
      does.  Its default content is a single function designator for
      sysdef-central-registry-search, which does the *central-registry*
      Update documentation to match
      Fix test1.script to call the preferred OPERATE instead of OOS
      Update documentation to describe COMPONENT-PROPERTY method
  17. 12 Nov, 2002 1 commit
    • Daniel Barlow's avatar
      More frobbing of TRAVERSE · ae9d0db6
      Daniel Barlow authored
       - now it takes two arguments not three
       - and returns (operation . component) pairs
       - which don't include pruned-ops
      Sorted out some load-op methods to use input-files instead of faking their
      own compile-ops just to find out what the input files are
  18. 08 Nov, 2002 1 commit
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      · d8bd7cfb
      Daniel Barlow authored
      shouldn't do global proclamations, that's bad karma (reported by Gary Byers)
      modules maybe now can have no components (Matthew Danish, SF bug id 625738)
      (added an :initform nil, haven't actually tested)
      significant reworking to handle recompilation of dependencies properly
       - use of component properties for last-compiled/last-loaded is gone
       - new internal gf INPUT-FILES (COMPONENT OPERATION)
       - TRAVERSE doesn't actually perform anything, but it now has a defined
         return value: a list of the ops and components that need doing.
         OPERATE loops over answers from TRAVERSE
       - intended to have no user-visible effects, but ICBW!
         May break existing systems!
       - still doesn't do cross-module dependencies properly, sigh.  but we're
       - default output-files method now returns NIL instead of causing an error
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    • Daniel Barlow's avatar
      · 4a6a10ed
      Daniel Barlow authored
      Several changes
      * If some component of *central-registry* is a function or a symbol for
        which fboundp returns true, it will be funcalled with the system name
        string as an argument, and should return a directory in which to look
        for the system definition.  This allows much more flexibility in
        the location of .asd files
      * New component type 'system' is functionally identical to module, but
        has attributes for author name, licence, description etc, which can
        be used by programs that make platform packages
      * Much shuffling of parts of the file so that it compiles without any
        warnings about forward declarations
      * The behaviour when compile-file returns non-NIL in its secondary
        values (failure-p and warnings-p) can now be customized: new
        compile-op initargs :on-warnings and :on-failure take values
        (or :warn :error :ignore).  If unspecified, these default to
      * A new 'properties' attribute to component which can be used to
        communicate extra optional information between system authors and
        platform package creation programs
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      new stuff describing · 39401b04
      Daniel Barlow authored
      - tetsing implementation features
      - version dependencies (doesn't yet work)
      - and/or dependencies (likewise, nonfunctional)
      proposed asdf system standard moved onto a cliki page
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