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      2.28.1: various upgrade issues · 1e4bafdb
      Francois-Rene Rideau authored
      1- To make life easier on Xach, stop requiring asdf.lisp to be loaded as source
      before it's compiled. Instead, wrap each and every single form in an eval-when,
      most of the time via the with-upgradability macro that also transforms
      defun into defun* and defgeneric into defgeneric*.
      Causes massive reindentation :-(
      2- Have a proper :version for fallback systems.
      Will make systems that check the version happier.
      3- protect a condition with #+sb-eval. Fixes lp#1116408.
      4- Protect warnings-file methods with dynamic when *warnings-file-type*
      rather than static #+.
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      2.26.149: next release will be ASDF 3 after all, not ASDF 2.27. · 0f685693
      Francois-Rene Rideau authored
      Introduce some backward incompatibility with features unused in quicklisp:
      * Don't create a temporary package every time you load a .asd;
       instead, load everything from same package ASDF-USER,
       that :use's asdf/common-lisp asdf/package asdf/interface
       That's the Common Lisp way, what with COMMON-LISP-USER.
       If you want a private package, use DEFPACKAGE or DEFINE-PACKAGE.
      * operation-description is renamed action-description.
       No one was using it in quicklisp, and no one was specializing it
       except cl-protobufs, which I'll fix.
      * component-properties and component-property are gone.
       If you want a new property, create your own subclass of component.
      Also, have a load-asd function with name in keyword arguments,
      rather than load-sysdef function that requires the name.
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      2.26.85: more progress · 96cecd29
      Francois-Rene Rideau authored
      Package tweaks to make CLISP complain less.
      run-program/ and run-shell-command fixes and test updates.
      wildening fix to issue found by CLISP.
      ! is used by EXT on CLISP, so use !p for defparameter.
      More pathname madness for allegro.
      Better upgrade.
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      2.26.61: Upgrade tweak for ECL. Small refactoring for lisp-build. · 610ca233
      Francois-Rene Rideau authored
      ECL output-files semantics has changed, so unintern the old one rather than conflict.
      Rename *compile-op-compile-file-function* to just *compile-file-function*.
      Factor all the lisp build perform's through perform-lisp-FOO,
      so they can be shared with concatenated targets that are not cl-source-file
      without fighting default methods and class inheritance.
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