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Added an outline point about a possible theme to sound in the future work...

Added an outline point about a possible theme to sound in the future work section.  Won't do anything about this unless have time to think more clearly about it.
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......@@ -15,6 +15,25 @@
** DONE Finish "Future Directions"
[[*Future directions]]
* Possible theme for enhancements section
A number of things (returning values, handling cross-system dependencies
properly) would be simplified if the ASDF plans were hierarchically (tree)
structured, instead of being just flat sequences.
Plans would have a flat, sequential form for execution, but there would be a
superstructure that could accumulate values, etc.
This would also help give operations on modules and systems a more intuitive
Could also help let people write useful =:around= methods.
Question: could we weave this into the concluding part of the talk.
*POSSIBLY* --- propose not to do this unless it can be done reasonably clearly,
and there may not be enough time remaining.
* COMMENT Org-principles for this document
** Just like outline mode --- More "*" in header means deeper nesting
......@@ -225,6 +244,8 @@ sub-bullet under a major header.
**** Complicated by linear plans --- no hierarchical structure for collecting return values
*** COMMENT --- possible theme here --- having /hierarchical/ plans might make a lot of things easier.
* Conclusions
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