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#+TITLE: Evolving ASDF: More cooperation, less coordination
#+AUTHOR: Fran\c{c}ois-Ren\'e Rideau and Robert P. Goldman
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* COMMENT Org-principles for this document
** Just like outline mode --- More "*" in header means deeper nesting
** Simple markup --- if you like! --- we can add this later
*** /slashes/ for ital
*** *stars* for bold
*** =equal= signs for monospace
** Slide structure
*** Single-star headings are sections
*** Double-star headings are individual slides
** Outline proper starts in the following items
* Summary
** In a nutshell
*** What were we doing?
**** Fixing up ASDF
***** Trying not to wreck a key piece of CL community plumbing in the process
*** We discovered
**** Interesting technical challenges
***** From hot-patching
***** From CL pathnames
**** Interesting social challenges
*** Some principles
**** Don't wreck backward compatibility
**** Configuration
***** Let users configure based on what they know
***** Let library authors configure based on what /they/ know
* What is ASDF?
** ASDF is the dominant build system for CL
*** Built on the shoulders of giants
**** Symbolics and other proprietary =DEFSYSTEM= versions
**** =BUILD=
**** =make=
*** Brilliant key idea
**** Use =*load-truename*= to find system component files
**** Suddenly, installing CL systems is easy
+ No more wrestling with logical pathnames
+ Especially since logical pathnames are insufficiently portable
** ASDF system definitions
** How does ASDF work?
* Hot-patching ASDF
** Hot-patching ASDF
*** Loading ASDF into a running CL image containing ASDF
*** Why is this critical?
/Explain the need for hot-patching here/
*** Why is this hard?
**** We are replacing bits of ASDF /while it is running/
**** COMMENT image of snake eating its own tail...
* Configuration
** Configuring ASDF
*** Need to be able to find systems
**** We can find system components from the system definition
**** But we still need to find the system definitions!
*** Need to place compiled files
/Explain the need here/
** Key issues are wrestling with CL pathnames
* Best practices
* Lessons learned
* Future directions
** Future directions
*** There is still a lot of room for improvement with ASDF
*** New features, which we'll talk about in a minute
*** Better documentation
* Conclusions
** Conclusions
*** ASDF 2 is now available
**** Download and load into your implementation of choice
**** Bundled with an increasing number of implementations
***** SBCL
***** ABCL
***** ECL
/Are there others?/
**** =:asdf2= in =*features*=
*** ASDF 2 needs maintainers
*** But please remember --- ASDF is the glue that holds the CL community together
**** Be gentle with it!
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