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Configuration, output translations

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......@@ -223,10 +223,44 @@ sub-bullet under a major header.
** Configuration Difficulties
*** ASDF1 locates system definition files using a =\*central-registry\*=
*** But who configures it when?
**** .sbclrc, .ccl-init => onus on the user
**** =common-lisp-controller= => onus on the distributor
**** A program building script => onus on the release manager
*** ASDF2: decentralized source registry
**** environment variable, configuration files, defaults
*** *each can specify what he knows, none need specify what he doesn't*
**** Essential principle for responsibility over configuration
*** COMMENT ASDF1: someone must manage integration of everything
** Output locations
*** CL isn't a single-implementation language.
**** Each version of each implementation has its own FASL format
*** Many ASDF1 extensions to move FASLs away (ABL, CLC, CL-launch)
**** Need to be magically loaded and configured
**** No consensual solution on where to put things
*** ASDF2: configurable output translations, sensible defaults
*** Unaddressed: further configuration discrepancies (e.g features, etc.)
**** ASDF won't ever do it. XCVB will (not yet).
** Dependency Bugs
*** Changes within a module didn't cause recompilation of dependent components
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