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Discussion of McDermott's system.

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month = jun,
organization ={Association of Lisp Users}}
key = {ytools},
author = {Drew McDermott},
title = {YTools distribution},
howpublished ={web site},
url = {},
year = 2009}
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......@@ -1141,8 +1141,26 @@ On the other hand, XCVB has the advantages of clean slate redesign on its side.
\paragraph{Yale tools}
\fixme{ytools material here.}
McDermott's \ytools{} system~\cite{mcdermott05}\footnote{This system is, as far
as we could tell, nameless. We call it ``{\ytools},'' because the chunk manager
is distributed as part of McDermott's YTools \CL{} utilities library\cite{mcdermott09}.} is at the opposite extreme from \XCVB{}. Instead
of concentrating on the build aspect of the problem, and starting multiple \CL{}
processes to do this most cleanly, McDermott's system focuses on the problem of ``maintaining the
coherence of a running Lisp.'' McDermott aims specifically at keeping a
\emph{single}, long-lived \CL{} process in a coherent state.
While the \ytools{} system can do the same sorts of task as \ASDF{},
McDermott also allows programmers to decompose system definition
\emph{below} the file level, allowing them to name arbitrary
\emph{chunks}, and define how these chunks are \emph{derived} from each other.
So, for example, one might define in a logic programming system, a table for
procedural attachment, attaching functions to keywords, maintaining the functional
attachment in a hash table.
McDermott's system would allow one to record the fact that the hash table (one
chunk) is
derived from a set of function definitions (other chunks), automating the
process of updating the hash table when one of the function definition changes.
McDermott uses his chunk maintenance system as the substrate for the YTools File
Manager, which plays a role similar to \ASDF{}.
\subsection{Build tools beyond {\CL}}
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