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Fixed the outline part --- vl-append necessary to add together the sub-paras.

parent 28725592
...@@ -42,42 +42,61 @@ ...@@ -42,42 +42,61 @@
(let ([sub-para (lambda l (let ([sub-para (lambda l
(para #:width (* 3/4 (current-para-width)) l))]) (para #:width (* 3/4 (current-para-width)) l))])
(make-outline (make-outline
'one "Part I: Basic Concepts" 'nutshell "Part I: What is ASDF?"
#f #f
'two "Part II: Practical Slides" 'two "Part II: Hot-patching ASDF"
(lambda (tag) (lambda (tag)
(sub-para "Using" (code make-outline) "and more...")) (vl-append
(sub-para "Why is this critical?")
(sub-para "Why was it hard?")
(sub-para "How did we manage?")))
'three "Part III: Fancy Picts" 'three "Part III: Configuration"
(lambda (tag) (lambda (tag)
(sub-para "Creating interesting graphics")) (vl-append
(sub-para "Finding input systems")
(sub-para "Finding compiled files")))
'four "Part IV: Advanced Slides" 'four "Part IV: Best practices"
(lambda (tag) #f
(sub-para "Beyond" (code 'next) "and" (code 'alts)))
'background "Part V: Controlling the Background" 'five "Part V: Lessons learned"
(lambda (tag) #f
(sub-para "Changing the overall look of your talk"))
'printing "Part VI: Printing" 'six "Part VI: Future directions"
(lambda (tag) #f
(sub-para "Exporting slides as PostScript"))
'end "Conclusion" 'end "Conclusion"
(lambda (tag) #f)))
(sub-para "This is the end")))))
;; FIXME: Get title to agree with paper title
(slide (slide
#:title "ASDF 2" #:title "ASDF 2"
@bt{Building Common Lisp software} @bt{Building Common Lisp software}
@bt{made slightly easier} @bt{made slightly easier}
~ ~ ~ ~
(para #:align 'center @t{François-René Rideau,} @it{ITA Software}) (para #:align 'center @t{François-René Rideau,} @it{ITA Software})
@t{Boston Lisp Meeting, 2010-05-24} (para #:align 'center @t{Robert P. Goldman,} @it{SIFT, LLC})
@t{International Lisp Conference, October, 2010}
(outline 'nutshell)
#:title "Summary"
@para{"What were we doing?"}
@item{"Fixing up ASDF"}
@item{"Trying not to wreck key piece of CL community plumbing"}
@para{"We discovered"}
@item{"Interesting technical challenges from hot-patching"}
@item{"Interesting social challenges"}
@para{"Some principles"}
@item{"Don't wreck backward compatibility"}
@item{"Let users configure based on what they know and library authors configure based on what " @it{"they"} " know."}
(outline 'one) (outline 'one)
...@@ -88,6 +107,9 @@ ...@@ -88,6 +107,9 @@
@para{Written by Daniel Barlow in 2001} @para{Written by Daniel Barlow in 2001}
@para{In the line of older Lisp @tt{defsystem}}) @para{In the line of older Lisp @tt{defsystem}})
#:title "Fodder from previous presentation."
(xlide (xlide
#:title "ASDF 2: incremental improvements" #:title "ASDF 2: incremental improvements"
...@@ -150,4 +172,33 @@ ...@@ -150,4 +172,33 @@
@para{RSN: bundled with your fav' implementation} @para{RSN: bundled with your fav' implementation}
@para{Already in ABCL, CCL, ECL...}) @para{Already in ABCL, CCL, ECL...})
#:title "End of fodder from previous presentation."
(outline 'two)
(outline 'three)
(outline 'four)
(outline 'five)
(outline 'six)
(outline 'end)
);end );end
;;; Local Variables:
;;; mode: scheme
;;; End:
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