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Added a note about load-only lisp files to future directions.

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......@@ -1250,7 +1250,7 @@ enable more introspection. This would be especially useful for authors of
doing this, in order to provide a stable API, especially if we were to choose to
add nested steps to \ASDF{} plans.
More modest extensions would include adding new standard operations to \ASDF{}.
More modest extensions would include adding new standard operations and components to \ASDF{}.
There have been calls to add a \lisp{doc-op}, whose function would be to build
documentation for a system. There \emph{does} exist a \lisp{test-op}, but it
has very weak semantics. System definers who implement this operation do not
......@@ -1262,6 +1262,11 @@ value.\footnote{While this might seem an obvious addition, accumulating such a
error, but one would not want a test operation to raise an error and abort on
the first failure; typically one wants a report of all passing and failing
One component type that has been repeatedly added by system definers (and often
in a buggy way) is that of
a ``load-only'' \CL{} source file. This is a file that is to be directly loaded
and \emph{never} compiled. Previous system defining facilities, including
\mkdefsys{}~\cite{kantrowitz:91}, have included such a component type.
Perhaps the most valuable extension one could make to \ASDF{} would be to
improve its documentation. We have begun this project, but not done the
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