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Minor grammatical nit.

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......@@ -365,13 +365,11 @@ API was written with ``upgrade scripts'' in mind,
and is clumsy to use when writing code that specifies end-result semantics
independently of whether the code is an initial definition or an upgrade.
Note that none of this might have been possible
Note that none of this would have been possible
if {\ASDF}, like its predecessor {\mkdefsys},
had been using pre-{\CLOS} \lisp{defstruct},
that doesn't allow for safe upgrade,
instead of the {\CLOS} \lisp{defclass}, that does.
had been using pre-{\CLOS} \lisp{defstruct}.
{\CL} structures do not provide a safe upgrade
protocol the way {\CLOS} classes do.
\subsection{Towards a better specification}
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