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Rename and commit an earlier 5-minute presentation I did about ASDF 2.

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#lang at-exp slideshow
;; Slides for lightning talk about ASDF2, 2010-05-24
;; This document is available under the bugroff license.
;; _bugroff:
;; _slides:
(define *width* 1024)
(define *height* 768) ;700
(set-margin! 20)
;(require scheme/runtime-path)
;(define-runtime-path bad-bg-path "badbg.png")
;(define bad-background (bitmap bad-bg-path))
(require scheme/gui/base)
(define ~ @t{ })
(define (spacing* l (space ~))
((null? l) l)
((pair? l) (append (list space)
(if (pair? (car l)) (car l) (list (car l)))
(spacing* (cdr l))))
(else (error 'spacing*))))
(define (spacing l) (cdr (spacing* l)))
(define *blue* (make-object color% "blue"))
(define (url x) (colorize (tt x) *blue*))
(define xlide
(lambda (kw kv . l)
(keyword-apply slide kw kv (spacing l)))))
#:title "ASDF 2"
@bt{Building Common Lisp software}
@bt{made slightly easier}
~ ~
(para #:align 'center @t{François-René Rideau,} @it{ITA Software})
@t{Boston Lisp Meeting, 2010-05-24}
#:title "ASDF"
@para{@it{De facto} standard for building CL software}
@para{Kind of @tt{make} for CL hackers}
@para{Written by Daniel Barlow in 2001}
@para{In the line of older Lisp @tt{defsystem}})
#:title "ASDF 2: incremental improvements"
@para{compatible with ASDF, minus bugs}
@para{more portable pathname behaviour}
@para{has better configurability}
@para{better supports Windows, ABCL, GCL, etc.})
#:title "The same, just better"
@para{Age-old bugs fixed: module dependencies}
@para{Performance bugs (traversal from N^3 to N)}
@para{Better, updated documentation}
@para{All tests now pass everywhere (except GCL)})
#:title "More portable pathname behavior"
@para{@tt{(:file "foo/bar")}}
@para{@tt{(:static-file "foo/baz.quux")}}
@para{@tt{(:module "src/quux" ...)}}
@para{@tt{(:module "frob" :pathname "" ...)}})
#:title "Better Configurability: Source-registry"
@para{DSL to replace *central-registry*}
@para{taken from Lisp, environment, config files}
@para{sensible defaults}
@para{WIN: decouples build and distribution})
#:title "Better Configurability: Output translations"
@para{DSL to replace A-B-L, C-L-C, CL-Launch}
@para{taken from Lisp, environment, config files}
@para{sensible defaults: on by default}
@para{WIN: allows multi-implementation setups})
#:title "Better support for..."
@para{Impl'n: ABCL, ECL, CMUCL, CCL, GCL...}
@para{Windows: shortcuts, output-translations...}
@para{Extensions: POIU, C-L-C, CL-Launch}
@para{WIN: Upgradability, decouples release})
#:title "Whodunnit"
@para{Mainly: fare, rpgoldman, juanjo, janderson}
@para{Most lines were touched or added.}
@para{Size has tripled, mostly due to config DSLs})
#:title "What's next?"
@para{ASDF 3: more declarative extensions}
@para{comprehensive tests allow backward incompatibility}
@para{XCVB: enforce dependencies})
#:title "Share and enjoy!"
@para{RSN: bundled with your fav' implementation}
@para{Already in ABCL, CCL, ECL...})
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