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Added a macro, \step, for steps in traverse-generated plans.

Also added a label to the discussion of POIU, so that we can reference it.
parent c6b0d0ef
......@@ -63,6 +63,9 @@
\newcommand{\longCLOS}{Common Lisp Object System}
\newcommand{\ftor}[1]{\draft{{\textbf{{\fare} to {\rpg}}: #1}}}
\newcommand{\rtof}[1]{\draft{{\textbf{{\rpg} to {\fare}}: #1}}}
\newcommand{\fixme}[1]{\draft{{\textbf{FIXME}: #1}}}
......@@ -1025,7 +1028,7 @@ Release 2.006 is 144996 byte long;
the last version by Daniel Barlow, in 2004, was 38881 byte long.
On a positive note, {\CL} helped us keep things simple.
Andreas Fuchs wrote {\POIU}~\cite{QITAB},
an extension for {\ASDF} implementing parallel compilation.
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