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More cosmetic changes.

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......@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ ifeq ($(UNAME),Darwin)
XPDF = open
XPDF ?= xpdf
ALLTEX := $(wildcard *.tex)
SRC := main.tex ${ALLTEX} asdf.bib sig-alternate.cls
ALLTEX := $(wildcard *.tex *.cls *.sty *.bib *.bst)
SRC := main.tex ${ALLTEX}
OBJ := *.aux *.log *.bbl *.blg
FINAL := *.pdf
......@@ -1420,62 +1420,8 @@ In practice, we find {\ASDF} users doing this empirically, and
such definers often find that what seemed to work well for them
does not work for others using their new classes.
% \begin{itemize}
% \item {\ASDF} system definitions are not fully declarative
% \begin{itemize}
% \item Examples:
% \begin{itemize}
% \item {\ASDF} does not manage dependencies
% that are needed in order to read
% (process) an {\ASDF} system definition.
% E.g., {\ASDF} system $X$ defines a new kind of {\ASDF} component
% that is used in the {\defsystem} of $Y$.
% In the asd file for $Y$,
% system $X$ must be loaded ``by hand,'' procedurally.
% There is no declarative way of specifying this.
% \item Others?
% \end{itemize}
% \item
% Problem of non-declarative system definitions is that it is very
% difficult to write code that processes {\ASDF} system definitions,
% \emph{especially} if you want to do this
% without actually loading the code.
% The challenges can be seen in some {\ASDF} add-ons like Gary King's
% TINAA documentation system.
% \end{itemize}
% \item {\ASDF} operations do not return success values.
% \begin{itemize}
% \item Challenge for implementing, e.g., a fully-functioned asdf test-op.
% \end{itemize}
% \item Export {\traverse} from the API to enable better introspection. Juanjo
% wanted this...
% \item
% There has been interest in implementing a DOC-OP to generate documentation.
% \item
% Test-op has been standardized, but is still not well supported.
% No clear contract for people implementing a test-op.
% \item
% Conditional loading. No obvious way to say ``load this source file only
% when performing a TEST-OP.'' Currently this is typically done by defining
% ancillary {\ASDF} systems (e.g., \lisp{FOO-TEST} as a complement to
% \lisp{FOO}).
% \item
% {\opdonep} has odd semantics.
% \item
% Oddity of the semantics of operations on modules; postorder traversal,
% conflation.
% \item
% Version management
% \item
% Specifying the protocol ---
% the protocol for extending {\ASDF} doesn't work
% as well as one might like.
......@@ -1486,9 +1432,6 @@ does not work for others using their new classes.
% (and help users understand what to do when extending {\ASDF})
% in the section on the object model,
% and drop this discussion from here.
% \item
% Didn't have a good way to fix system dependencies.
% \end{itemize}
% There are still some ickinesses here, primarily arising from the
% non-parallelism between \lisp{input-files} and \lisp{output-files}. The two
......@@ -1543,11 +1486,11 @@ To users we say:
(2) report bugs to launchpad (\url{}) and
(3) help us make better documentation.
(3) help us write better documentation.
If you are really enthusiastic, become the new {\ASDF} maintainer!
If you do so, though, please be conscious of its central social role, and
when changing it ``\textit{Primum non nocere}'' -- first, do no harm.
when changing it ``\textit{Primum non nocere}'' --- First, do no harm.
We found this to be harder than it first appeared.
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