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......@@ -1050,7 +1050,7 @@ the last version by Daniel Barlow, in 2004, was 38881 byte long.
On a positive note, {\CL} helped us keep things simple.
Andreas Fuchs wrote {\POIU}\cite{QITAB},
Andreas Fuchs wrote {\POIU}~\cite{QITAB},
an extension for {\ASDF} implementing parallel compilation.
He had to redefine many internals of {\ASDF} for {\POIU},
and we broke much of it when we wrote {\ASDFii}.
......@@ -1075,6 +1075,9 @@ Second, the power of CLOS
allowed us to keep the interface between {\POIU} and {\ASDF}
very simple and informal.
\subsection{Miscellaneous lessons}
We were also reminded that software is hard, very hard.
Simple ideas can take literally hundreds of iterations to get right.
......@@ -1089,7 +1092,7 @@ Documentation is a pain, and is still a weakness of {\ASDFii}.
\subsection{Related work}
\subsection{Other build tools}
% \draft{
......@@ -1153,7 +1156,7 @@ to provide more declarative system specifications.
fine if we can't find a better. I couldn't find a nice short article.}
\subsection{XCVB and ytools}
% \ftor{I would put them in separate paragraphs.}
......@@ -1165,8 +1168,12 @@ On the other hand, McDermott's ytools system focuses on image maintenance,
allowing the programmer to specify dependencies for units smaller than files,
up to and including individual data structures.
XCVB, a proposed replacement for {\ASDF},
was the subject of a presentation at ILC'2009.
% squashed the "presented at ILC 2009" bit, because we don't give provenance of
% other papers/presentations.
XCVB~\cite{XCVB} is a proposed replacement for {\ASDF}.
Where {\ASDF} builds software into the current ``One True'' Lisp world
in a context-dependent way,
XCVB deterministically builds software
......@@ -1195,6 +1202,10 @@ to distinctions between host and target system
that appear in cross-compilation.
On the other hand, XCVB has the advantages of clean slate redesign on its side.
\paragraph{Yale tools}
\fixme{ytools material here.}
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