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Minor tweaks to the wording and punctuation of paragraph on ASDF's not finding

libraries for you.
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......@@ -53,10 +53,14 @@ such as documentation generation or regression testing.
are overwhelmingly delivered with {\ASDF} system descriptions, and
overwhelmingly assume that {\ASDF} will be present to supply
their own library dependencies.
One thing {\ASDF} does not do is deal with downloading required libraries;
however other programs tackle this problem, and delegate building to {\ASDF},
such as the obsolescent \lisp{asdf-install}, the popular \lisp{clbuild},
the up-and-coming \lisp{quicklisp}, or challengers like
One thing {\ASDF} does \emph{not} do is find and download required libraries for
its users.
Other {\CL} programs are trying to tackle this problem, while delegating build
and load management to {\ASDF}.
Examples include
the obsolescent \lisp{asdf-install}, the popular \lisp{clbuild},
the up-and-coming \lisp{quicklisp}, and challengers like
\lisp{desire}, \lisp{LibCL} or \lisp{repo-install}.
% {\ASDF} also does not manage bugs, connect people, solve version incompatibility issues,
% make coffee, or find you a sexy mate, etc.
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