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Add ant citation; kill fixme.

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......@@ -181,3 +181,9 @@
title = {SCons website},
url = {}
key = {ant},
title = {Apache ant website},
url = {}
......@@ -1200,11 +1200,7 @@ that aim to unify the entire build chain.
These, too, aim to overcome many of the limitations of make.
The {\ant} system for Java also attempts to go beyond {\make},
in particular in using an XML dialect
to provide more declarative system specifications.
\fixme{Add citation for \texttt{ant}; a cite to the Sun Java web site would be
fine if we can't find a better. I couldn't find a nice short article.}
to provide more declarative system specifications~\cite{ant}.
\section{Future Directions}
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