Berkeley DB CFFI bindings


BDB is a small (well it was supposed to be a small...) package offering CFFI-Bindings to Berkeley DB. The package is supposed to be as lispy , but as near to the C library as possible.
You can find more informations about Berkeley db on Since the package is supposed to be as near as possible to the C library, you should read the "Getting starting..." guides, using the "bdb-playgound" package, to get a feeling on how to use Berkeley DB and/or bdb.


Lisp Platforms: testest with SBCL 0.9.11 and 0.9.12 only (yet), but should work on other implementations with CFFI support, too
Berkeley DB Version: 4.3
Package version: I don't use any versioning (at the moment), so get used to the darcs repo. But at the moment consider this a initial pre pre pre pre pre alpha version...
License LLGPL


Sure, the package was supposed too be small, but unfortunatelly it grew and grew, thus it consists/needs several packages:

mycl-util My private utility package, which i use/develop in, since I'm lerning CL (I'm just very new to CL...) None documentation
cffi-util Was once part of bdb package, but outsourced as new package. CFFI
bdb These are the CFFI bindings to Berkley DB CFFI
bdb-playground If you want to play/test the library, bdb-playground is a nice starting point, since it uses cl-store for writing and reading the data into/from the database and you can immediately start unsing the library. bdb


projectdarcs repo
mycl-util darcs get
cffi-util darcs get
bdb darcs get
bdb-playground darcs get


bdb package:
The bdb package comes with a wrapper library for libdb, which must be compiled and made available. You can find more infos on how to install in the README file.

All packages:
Just make all asdf files available and load via asdf.

Example Usage

  1. Simple db Example
  2. Secondary Databases

Mailing Lists

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