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<h2>Berkeley DB CFFI bindings</h2>
latest Update: Thursday 3 June, 2006 23:15(MET)
latest Update: Thursday 6 June, 2006 21:30(MET)
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<table border="1">
<tr><td>Lisp Platforms:
<td>testest with SBCL 0.9.11 and 0.9.12 only (yet), but should work on other implementations
with CFFI support, too
if you test with another lisp implementation or system
please tell me if it runs or not (fixing the problems will be fine too).
These are the systems i successfully (didn't tried others now) tested bdb (on a x86 Linux system with libdb4.3)<br/><br/>
- sbcl (successfully tested with sbcl 0.9.10 and newer on x86) <br/>
- cmucl (successfully tested with release-19a)<br/>
- clisp (successfully tested with version 2.38)
<tr><td>Berkeley DB Version: </td>
<li>Database Environments</li>
<li>Databases :)</li>
<li>Secondary Databases</li>
<li>some kind of abstraction, thus user don't need to deal with buffers and may
provide methods for serialization and deserialization</li>
<td>Not completed/Missing Features:</td>
In the moment the library is in a state i can work without any doubts, but if
there are some features you will need, tell me or better send me a patch.
<li>DB Memory Pools</li>
<li>Mutexes (do we realy need mutex support provided by BerkeleyDB?)</li>
<li>Locking (not all functions available)</li>
<li>Logging (not all functions available)</li>
<li>some functions being not implemented yet </li>
<tr><td>Package version: </td>
<td>I don't use any versioning (at the moment), so get used to the darcs repo.
But at the moment consider this a initial pre pre pre pre pre alpha version...
But at the moment consider this an alpha version...
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