parent 59ca26fb
......@@ -5,9 +5,11 @@
(prove:is-type (jss:to-hashset set)
"Checking whether JSS:TO-HASHSET produces a Java object…")
(prove:ok (jss:jmap 'constantly
(java:jnew-array "java.lang.Integer" 10))
"Checking JSS:JMAP on Java array of java.lang.Integer…")
(let ((result 0))
(jss:jmap (lambda (x)
(incf result))
(java:jnew-array "java.lang.Integer" 10))
(prove:is result 10 "Checking JSS:JMAP on Java array of java.lang.Integer…"))
(prove:ok (jss:j2list (java:jnew-array "java.lang.Integer" 10))
"Checking JSS:J2LIST on Java array of java.langInteger…")
(prove:is (let (list)
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