The generalized boolean JVM:*RESIGNAL-COMPILER-WARNINGS* constitutes
the inteface to signal compiler warnings or emit them to the standard
reporting stream.
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......@@ -901,6 +901,15 @@ Pathname has the type ``abcl''. These fasls are operating system neutral
byte archives packaged by the zip compression format which contain
artifacts whose loading \code{CL:LOAD} understands.
\subsection{Compiler Diagnostics}
By default, the interface to the compiler does not signal warnings
that result in its invocation, outputing diagnostics to the standard
reporting stream. The generalized boolean
\code{JVM:*RESIGNAL-COMPILER-WARNINGS*} provides the interface to
enabling the compiler to signal all warnings.
We implement an extension to the \code{CL:PATHNAME} that allows for
......@@ -3266,4 +3266,7 @@ public class Symbol extends LispObject implements java.io.Serializable
public static final Symbol THREAD =
// JVM
public static final Symbol _RESIGNAL_COMPILER_WARINGS_ =
......@@ -7433,7 +7433,12 @@ generated class."
(defvar *resignal-compiler-warnings* nil
"Bind this to t inside slime compilation")
"This generalized boolean JVM:*RESIGNAL-COMPILER-WARNINGS* controls whether the compiler signals dignaostics to the condition system or merely outputs them to the standard reporting stream.
The default is to not signal.
Could arguably better named as *SIGNAL-COMPILE-WARNINGS-P*.")
(defun handle-warning (condition)
(cond (*resignal-compiler-warnings*
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