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<div id="TODO">
<li>Improve documentation</li>
<h4>For "1.0"</h4>
<li>Expose all of the Berkeley DB library</li>
<li>Stabilize and standardize conventions for exposed api</li>
<p>Once "1.0" status is reached, the version will be bumped up to the version of the Berkeley DB library is. It will have the version <emphasis></emphasis>. So for example for 4.5 it will be 4.5.0. The very minor version number for the berkeley library will be droped in our versions</p>
<div id="developers">
<h3>Developer Notes</h3>
<p>There are 2 api's. An internal one created by swig and an external one that is seen by the users. The swig generated interface covers 70% of the direct interface to the package. But the swig needs help in understanding some of the structures in db.h. It ignores constant declarations inside structure declarations. Also, it assumes that sub-structures (structure declarations inside other structure declarations) are pointers, causing alignment problems. For these reasons, interface files need to be created for structures that aren't translated correctly.</p>
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