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......@@ -25,5 +25,6 @@
(:url "images/implementation-specific.html" :name "Implementation Images" :relative t)
(:url "images/development.html" :name "Development Images" :relative t)
(:url "use-cases.html" :name "Use Cases" :relative t)
(:url "contributing.html" :name "Contributing" :relative t)
(:url "" :name "Code"))
:staging-dir "/tmp/coleslaw/")
title: Contributing
format: md
URL: contributing.html
We welcome contributions to this project!
While this project is mirrored to <>, the
repositories at <> are the
canonical ones and have all the CI infrastructure hooked up. Therefore, we
prefer all issues and merge requests to be opened
on <>.
Before contributing, please examine
the [code of conduct](code-of-conduct.html). We require that all contributors
adhere to it in order to make a more welcoming and inclusive community.
......@@ -39,5 +39,6 @@ The following pages contain more detail on this project:
- **[Infrastructure](infrastructure.html):** Where the code is hosted and how
the images are built.
- **[History](history.html):** Where these images came from.
- **[Contributing](contributing.html):** How to contribute to this project.
- **[Code of Conduct](code-of-conduct.html):** How we expect contributors to
interact with each other.
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