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:feeds ("abcl" "ccl" "cl-devel" "ecl" "sbcl")
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;; default deploy method is rsync
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:sitenav ( ;;(:url "1.html" :name "News" :relative t)
:sitenav ((:url "1.html" :name "News" :relative t)
(:url "images/implementation-specific.html" :name "Implementation Images" :relative t)
(:url "images/development.html" :name "Development Images" :relative t)
(:url "use-cases.html" :name "Use Cases" :relative t)
title: CL Docker Images Project Is Live!
tags: sbcl, ccl, abcl, ecl, cl-devel
date: 2021-01-24 13:00:00
format: md
The cl-docker-images project is now live! See
the [project home page](, but
here's the tl;dr version:
There are a variety of Docker images for Common Lisp available. The source code
is hosted on <> (mirrored to Github) and the
images themselves are located on
a [CLF owned organization]( (thank you,
Common Lisp Foundation!)
There are implementation specific images (geared toward testing and deployment
and [SBCL]( Additionally, there is
an image geared toward interactive development that has all these
implementations, plus a bunch of external dependencies for systems in
Quicklisp. We aim to update these images within a week of upstream releasing a
new version.
The currently packaged versions of each are:
- ABCL: 1.8.0
- CCL: 1.12
- ECL: 20.4.24
- SBCL: 2.1.0
These images were originally written by @daewok (on Github and Docker Hub). If
you are using the original images, it is highly encouraged that you switch to
images from the `clfoundation` namespace. The `daewok` images will be no longer
updated starting some time this year. The move helps ensure that this resource
for the Common Lisp community will live on if @daewok no longer has the time to
maintain these images in the future.
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