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Forgot to update the contents of the cl-devel image

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......@@ -27,15 +27,15 @@ This image contains the following Lisp implementations:
- ABCL v1.8.0 (on jdk11)
- CCL v1.12.0
- ECL v20.4.24
- SBCL v2.1.0
- ECL v21.2.1
- SBCL v2.1.2
Additionally, the following Lisp utilities are installed:
- **ASDF v3.3.4:** The source code is located in
`/usr/local/share/common-lisp/source/asdf`. The first time you attempt to use
ASDF for anything non trivial, it will upgrade itself to this version.
- **Quicklisp:** Client v2020-01-04 and Dist v2020-12-20. It is installed to
- **Quicklisp:** Client v2021-02-13 and Dist v2021-02-28. It is installed to
- **CL Launch v4.1.3:** A useful program for running Common Lisp scripts.
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