Commit 394ce603 authored by Philipp Marek's avatar Philipp Marek

More stuff.

parent 21070b69
......@@ -3,8 +3,9 @@
:license "LGPL3"
:author "Philipp Marek <>"
:depends-on (:iterate
:around-compile (lambda (thunk)
(in-package :cl-logfile-actions)
(defvar *quit* nil
"Stop cleanly.")
(in-package :cl-logfile-actions)
;; Reading a logfile has a few important "edge" cases.
;; - The file might get rotated
;; - The file might become truncated
;; - Upon an error NUL bytes might come up
;; - It might not be UTF8
;; - The logfile reading process should restart at the last position,
;; but must take care about the points above!
;; We need to handle all these cases.
;; Furthermore,
;; - we shouldn't use too much CPU - so avoid polling, if possible.
(defun get-a-file-ID (path)
"Returns the block device and inode; we want to be sure that this is the same
file as last time.
Note: this might break on NFS (not a usecase now, only local files).
Note: No idea about windows compatibility."
(let ((stat (osicat-posix:stat path)))
(with-slots (stat-ino) stat
(format nil "0x~x:~d"
(osicat-posix:stat-dev stat)
(osicat-posix:stat-ino stat)))))
(defun continue-logfile-from (path byte-offset)
(iter (until *quit*)
(sleep 0.1)))
(defun read-logfile (path)
(let ((file-id (get-a-file-ID path)))
;; compare to last-known position
(continue-logfile-from path 0)))
(defpackage :cl-logfile-actions
(:nickname :l-a)
(:nicknames :l-a)
(:use :cl :iterate)
(defpackage :cl-logfile-actions/test
(:nickname :l-a-test)
(:nicknames :l-a-test)
(:use :cl :iterate))
(in-package :cl-logfile-actions)
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