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Example handles for checkid_setup and checkid_immediate.

parent 278c0919
......@@ -157,6 +157,36 @@
(t (error-response (format nil "Unknown openid.mode ~S" (aget "openid.mode" parameters))))))
;; Hunchentoot-specific part
(defvar *setup-params* (make-hash-table))
(defun handle-checkid-setup (parameters
(handle (gentemp "PARM" :cl-openid.ids))
(finish-uri (merge-uris "finish-setup" *endpoint-uri*)))
(setf (gethash handle *setup-params*) parameters)
(html "Log in?"
<strong><a href=\"~A\">Log in</a> or <a href=\"~A\">cancel</a>?</strong>"
(mapcar #'(lambda (c)
(list (car c) (cdr c)))
(copy-uri finish-uri :query (format nil "handle=~A&allow=1" handle))
(copy-uri finish-uri :query (format nil "handle=~A&deny=1" handle))))
(defun finish-checkid-setup (&aux
(handle (intern (hunchentoot:get-parameter "handle") :cl-openid.ids))
(parameters (gethash handle *setup-params*)))
(if (hunchentoot:get-parameter "allow")
(indirect-response (aget "openid.return_to" parameters)
(successful-response parameters))
(indirect-response (aget "openid.return_to" parameters)
(defun finish-checkid-handle (endpoint)
(lambda ()
(let ((*endpoint-uri* endpoint))
(defun provider-ht-handle (endpoint)
(lambda ()
(let ((*endpoint-uri* endpoint))
......@@ -164,7 +194,17 @@
(defun provider-ht-dispatcher (endpoint prefix)
(hunchentoot:create-prefix-dispatcher prefix (provider-ht-handle (uri endpoint))))
(list (hunchentoot:create-prefix-dispatcher (concatenate 'string prefix "finish-setup") (finish-checkid-handle endpoint))
(hunchentoot:create-prefix-dispatcher prefix (provider-ht-handle (uri endpoint)))))
; (setf hunchentoot:*dispatch-table*
; (nconc (provider-ht-dispatcher ""
; "/cl-openid-op/")
; hunchentoot:*dispatch-table*)
; (setf *checkid-immediate-callback*
; #'(lambda (parameters)
; (indirect-response (aget "openid.return_to" parameters)
; (successful-response parameters))))
; (push (provider-ht-dispatcher "" "/cl-openid-op/") hunchentoot:*dispatch-table*)
; FIXME: Hunchentoot headers.lisp:136 (START-OUTPUT): (push 400 hunchentoot:*approved-return-codes*)
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