Commit 21e548e0 authored by Dirk Eßer's avatar Dirk Eßer

Merge branch 'issue-1-wait-for-input' into 'master'

Fix type error in CL-STOMP:START (issue 1)

See merge request !1
parents 6a8c55e9 bb311b86
......@@ -395,7 +395,7 @@
;; The receive loop
(let ((recvbuf '()))
(loop until terminate
do (let ((sock (car (usocket:wait-for-input socket :timeout 1))))
do (let ((sock (car (usocket:wait-for-input socket :timeout 1 :ready-only t))))
(when sock
(let ((newbuf (append recvbuf (receive conn))))
(setf recvbuf (process-receive-buffer conn newbuf)))))))
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