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      Start on implementing Telnet stream for real. It's just a wrapper class around · 2b66d4ac
      james authored
      the actual stream, rather than directly inherited from the stream. This means
      we have to implement all the damned stream functions for it, but oh well. Most
      of them will just be wrappers anyway.
      Finished renaming old NVT constants. Now we say +CMD-FOO+ and +OPT-FOO+.
      Start of work on option and command handling. PROCESS-TELNET-COMMAND does
      things with IAC sequences. SUBNEGOTIATE-OPTION handles IAC SB ... IAC SE.
      Example is SUBNEGOTIATE-NAWS-OPTION which puts together NAWS width and height
      and passes them to a user-supplied support function.
      There's something wrong with how commands and options are processed, one
      character at a time. I think it might be better to snarf an entire IAC
      sequence (maybe two, if we see eg IAC SB) and then process that all at once.
      This bears consideration. It would certainly allow us to recover cleanly from
      corruption, and would probably be faster too.
      Another issue pending is whether the stream should be bytes rather than
      characters. Using characters could cause problems if Unicode appeared.
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