Commit 35913a8b authored by Philippe Brochard's avatar Philippe Brochard
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Also remove frame in delete-child-and-children-in-all-frames

parent 78ce07db
......@@ -1567,7 +1567,10 @@ Warning:frame window and gc are freeed."
(when (frame-p child)
(delete-child-and-children-in-frames child *root-frame* close-methode))
(when (xlib:window-p child)
(funcall close-methode child))))
(funcall close-methode child))
(when (frame-p child)
(awhen (frame-gc child) (xlib:free-gcontext it) (setf it nil))
(awhen (frame-window child) (xlib:destroy-window it) (setf it nil)))))
(defun clean-windows-in-all-frames ()
......@@ -671,7 +671,7 @@ Write (defparameter *contrib-dir* \"/usr/local/lib/clfswm/\") in ~A.~%"
(child-root-p frame))
(when (child-equal-p frame (current-child))
(setf (current-child) (find-current-root)))
(remove-child-in-frame frame (find-parent-frame frame)))
(delete-child-and-children-in-all-frames frame))
(show-all-children t))
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