Commit 78ce07db authored by Michal Cadilhac's avatar Michal Cadilhac Committed by Philippe Brochard
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Leave/enter frames like in spatial move

parent 0e82d820
......@@ -312,7 +312,10 @@
(defun reorder-brother-simple (reorder-fun)
(unless (child-root-p (current-child))
(let ((is-root-p (child-root-p (current-child))))
(when is-root-p
(sleep *spatial-move-delay-before*))
(select-current-frame nil)
(let ((parent-frame (find-parent-frame (current-child))))
......@@ -320,7 +323,10 @@
(with-slots (child) parent-frame
(setf child (funcall reorder-fun child)
(current-child) (frame-selected-child parent-frame))))
(show-all-children t))))
(show-all-children t)
(when is-root-p
(sleep *spatial-move-delay-after*)
(defun select-next-brother-simple ()
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