Commit 7da85e9e authored by Philippe Brochard's avatar Philippe Brochard
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Use a more general method to not activate child under clfswm terminal (or xvkbd virtual keyboard)

parent 8b91a7fc
......@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ stop the button event"
(defun generic-present-body (cmd wait-test win &optional focus-p)
(unless (find-window-in-query-tree win)
(do-shell cmd)
(setf win (wait-window-in-query-tree wait-test))
......@@ -230,6 +230,11 @@
(return (values t (second type)))))))
(defun never-managed-window-and-handled-p (window)
(multiple-value-bind (never-managed handle)
(never-managed-window-p window)
(and never-managed handle)))
(defgeneric child-name (child))
......@@ -786,10 +786,10 @@ mouse-fun is #'move-frame or #'resize-frame"
(when (and root-p *create-frame-on-root*)
(when (and (frame-p child) (not (child-root-p child))
(not (equal-clfswm-terminal window)))
(not (never-managed-window-and-handled-p window)))
(funcall mouse-fn child parent root-x root-y))
(when (and child parent
(not (equal-clfswm-terminal window))
(not (never-managed-window-and-handled-p window))
(focus-all-children child parent (not (child-root-p child))))
(when (show-all-children)
(setf to-replay nil)))
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