Commit a06c2687 authored by Philippe Brochard's avatar Philippe Brochard
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Revert "Change main mode alt-return/shift-alt-return behaviour"

This reverts commit fbe9f99d.

Return to original behaviour.
parent a33164ca
......@@ -64,10 +64,8 @@
(define-main-key ("Tab" :mod-1) 'select-next-child)
(define-main-key ("Tab" :mod-1 :shift) 'select-previous-child)
(define-main-key ("Tab" :mod-1 :control) 'select-next-subchild)
(define-main-key ("Return" :mod-1) 'select-next-level-and-enter-frame)
(define-main-key ("Return" :mod-1 :shift) 'leave-frame-and-select-previous-level)
(define-main-key ("Return" :mod-1) 'enter-frame)
(define-main-key ("Return" :mod-1 :shift) 'leave-frame)
(define-main-key ("Return" :mod-1 :control) 'frame-toggle-maximize)
(define-main-key ("Return" :mod-5) 'frame-toggle-maximize)
(define-main-key ("Page_Up" :mod-1) 'frame-select-previous-child)
......@@ -1424,17 +1424,6 @@ For window: set current child to window or its parent according to window-parent
(defun select-next-level-and-enter-frame ()
"Select the next level and enter in the selected frame"
(defun leave-frame-and-select-previous-level ()
"Leave the selected frame and select the previous level"
;;; Other actions (select-next-child, select-next-brother...) are in
;;; clfswm-circulate-mode.lisp
......@@ -174,6 +174,7 @@
(change-root (find-root parent) parent)
(setf (current-child) parent)
(set-layout-once #'tile-space-layout)
(setf (current-child) new-frame)
(default-window-placement new-frame window)
(show-all-children t)
......@@ -170,10 +170,6 @@ Write (defparameter *contrib-dir* \"/usr/local/lib/clfswm/\") in ~A.~%"
"Rotate root geometry to previous root"
(rotate-root-geometry-generic #'anti-rotate-root-geometry t))
(defun rotate-root-geometry-select-next-root ()
"Rotate root geometry and select the next root"
(defun exchange-root-geometry-with-mouse ()
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