Commit ac139afe authored by Philippe Brochard's avatar Philippe Brochard
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Ignore incompliant wm-class strings

parent 76d69f19
......@@ -1017,8 +1017,10 @@ they should be windows. So use this function to make a window out of them."
;;; Windows wm class and name tests
(defmacro defun-equal-wm-class (symbol class)
`(defun ,symbol (window)
(when (xlib:window-p window)
(string-equal (xlib:get-wm-class window) ,class))))
(ignore-errors ;; Ignore incompliant wm-class strings
(when (xlib:window-p window)
(string-equal (xlib:get-wm-class window) ,class)))))
(defmacro defun-equal-wm-name (symbol name)
`(defun ,symbol (window)
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