Commit ae68af20 authored by Philippe Brochard's avatar Philippe Brochard
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Add a fastswitch-move-mode to move children from expose shortcuts

parent 3a175aaf
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@
(define-main-key ("Home" :mod-1) 'switch-to-root-frame)
(define-main-key ("Home" :mod-1 :shift) 'switch-and-select-root-frame)
(define-main-key ("Menu") 'fastswitch-mode)
(define-main-key (135) 'fastswitch-mode) ;; Menu hardcoded -> not good!!!
(define-main-key ("Menu" :control) 'fastswitch-move-mode)
(define-main-key ("F10" :mod-1) 'fast-layout-switch)
(define-main-key ("F10" :shift :control) 'toggle-show-root-frame)
(define-main-key ("F10") 'expose-windows-mode)
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
(defparameter *fastswitch-font* nil)
(defparameter *fastswitch-string* "")
(defparameter *fastswitch-match-child* nil)
(defparameter *fastswitch-msg* nil)
(defun leave-fastswitch-mode ()
"Leave the fastswitch mode"
......@@ -91,10 +91,18 @@
(when *fastswitch-adjust-window-p*
(clear-pixmap-buffer *fastswitch-window* *fastswitch-gc*)
(when *fastswitch-msg*
(xlib:draw-image-glyphs *pixmap-buffer* *fastswitch-gc*
(xlib:max-char-width *fastswitch-font*)
(+ (xlib:font-ascent *fastswitch-font*) (xlib:font-descent *fastswitch-font*))
(xlib:with-gcontext (*fastswitch-gc* :foreground (get-color *fastswitch-foreground-letter*)
:background (get-color *fastswitch-background*))
(xlib:draw-image-glyphs *pixmap-buffer* *fastswitch-gc*
(xlib:max-char-width *fastswitch-font*)
(* (xlib:max-char-width *fastswitch-font*)
(if *fastswitch-msg*
(1+ (length *fastswitch-msg*))
(+ (xlib:font-ascent *fastswitch-font*) (xlib:font-descent *fastswitch-font*))
......@@ -160,7 +168,7 @@
(defun fastswitch-do-main ()
(defun fastswitch-select-child ()
(with-grab-keyboard-and-pointer (92 93 66 67 t)
(generic-mode 'fastswitch-mode 'exit-fastswitch-loop
:enter-function #'fastswitch-enter-function
......@@ -175,7 +183,8 @@
(defun fastswitch-mode ()
"Switch between children with expose shortcut"
(setf *expose-child-list* (expose-associate-keys))
(let ((ex-child (fastswitch-do-main)))
(setf *fastswitch-msg* "Select child: ")
(let ((ex-child (fastswitch-select-child)))
(when (and ex-child (expose-child-child ex-child))
(expose-focus-child (expose-child-child ex-child))))
......@@ -183,3 +192,28 @@
;;; Fastswitch move mode
(defun fastswitch-move-mode ()
"Move children with expose shortcut"
(let ((window nil))
(with-focus-window (win)
(setf window win))
(setf *expose-child-list* (expose-associate-keys))
(setf *fastswitch-msg* (if window
(format nil "Move focused child [~A] with: "
(child-fullname window))
"No child to move... "))
(let ((ex-child (fastswitch-select-child)))
(when (and window ex-child (expose-child-child ex-child))
(let ((from (find-parent-frame window))
(to (typecase (expose-child-child ex-child)
(xlib:window (find-parent-frame (expose-child-child ex-child)))
(frame (expose-child-child ex-child)))))
(when (and (frame-p from) (frame-p to))
(remove-child-in-frame window from)
(pushnew window (frame-child to) :test #'child-equal-p)
(when (child-equal-p window (current-child))
(focus-all-children window to))))))
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