Commit 2b4b7100 authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes
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First cut at syntax (lexeme) highlighting for prolog in the new

stroke/pump world.

There seem to be some cases where we're calling update-syntax with weird
values, which seem to cause confusion in other places.  Some potential
work-saving optimizations are disabled, but despite that it doesn't seem
to be too slow on SWI Prolog's library/ file.
parent 2eefb76c
......@@ -1134,6 +1134,13 @@
(defmethod update-syntax esa-utils:values-max-min ((syntax prolog-syntax) prefix-size suffix-size &optional begin end)
(declare (ignore begin))
;; FIXME: this isn't quite right; it's possible that an edit has
;; occurred out of view, destroying our parse-up-to-end-lexeme
;; invariant. Actually it also seems to be wrong, maybe because
;; there's something weird in views.lisp? Dunno.
(when (< end prefix-size)
(return-from update-syntax (values 0 prefix-size)))
(with-slots (lexer valid-parse) syntax
(let* ((low-mark (make-buffer-mark (buffer syntax) prefix-size :left))
(high-mark (make-buffer-mark
......@@ -1227,145 +1234,100 @@
(values 0 (offset scan))))))
;;; display
#+nil ; old, not based on stroking pumps.
(defvar *white-space-start* nil)
(defvar *current-line* 0)
(defun handle-whitespace (pane buffer start end)
(let ((space-width (space-width pane))
(tab-width (tab-width pane)))
(with-sheet-medium (medium pane)
(with-accessors ((cursor-positions cursor-positions)) (syntax buffer)
(loop while (< start end)
do (case (buffer-object buffer start)
(#\Newline (record-line-vertical-offset pane (syntax buffer) (incf *current-line*))
(terpri pane)
pane (first (aref cursor-positions 0)) 0))
((#\Page #\Return #\Space) (stream-increment-cursor-position
pane space-width 0))
(#\Tab (let ((x (stream-cursor-position pane)))
pane (- tab-width (mod x tab-width)) 0))))
(incf start))))))
(defmethod display-parse-tree :around ((entity prolog-parse-tree) (syntax prolog-syntax)
(stream extended-output-stream) (drei drei))
(with-slots (top bot) drei
(when (and (end-offset entity)
(mark> (end-offset entity) top))
(defmethod display-parse-tree ((entity prolog-token) (syntax prolog-syntax)
(stream extended-output-stream) (drei drei))
(with-slots (top bot) drei
(let ((string (coerce (buffer-sequence (buffer syntax)
(start-offset entity)
(end-offset entity))
(flet ((cache-test (t1 t2)
(and (eq t1 t2)
(eq (slot-value t1 'ink)
(medium-ink (sheet-medium stream)))
(eq (slot-value t1 'face)
(text-style-face (medium-text-style (sheet-medium stream))))
(eq (slot-value t1 'start)
(max 0 (- (offset top) (start-offset entity))))
(eq (slot-value t1 'end)
(- (length string)
(max 0 (- (end-offset entity) (offset bot))))))))
(updating-output (stream :unique-id entity
:id-test #'eq
:cache-value entity
:cache-test #'cache-test)
(with-slots (ink face start end) entity
(setf ink (medium-ink (sheet-medium stream))
face (text-style-face (medium-text-style (sheet-medium stream)))
start (max 0 (- (offset top) (start-offset entity)))
end (- (length string)
(max 0 (- (end-offset entity) (offset bot)))))
(let ((start start)
(end end))
(when (>= start end)
(let ((nl (position-if
(lambda (x) (member x '(#\Tab #\Newline)))
string :start start :end end)))
(unless nl
(present (subseq string start end) 'string :stream stream)
(present (subseq string start nl) 'string :stream stream)
(handle-whitespace stream (buffer drei)
(+ (start-offset entity) nl)
(+ (start-offset entity) nl 1))
(setf start (+ nl 1)))))))))))
(defmethod display-parse-tree :before ((entity prolog-token) (syntax prolog-syntax)
(stream extended-output-stream) (drei drei))
(handle-whitespace stream (buffer drei) *white-space-start* (start-offset entity))
(setf *white-space-start* (end-offset entity)))
(defgeneric display-parse-stack (symbol stack syntax stream drei))
(defmethod display-parse-stack (symbol stack (syntax prolog-syntax)
(stream extended-output-stream) (drei drei))
(let ((next (parse-stack-next stack)))
(unless (null next)
(display-parse-stack (parse-stack-symbol next) next syntax stream drei))
(loop for parse-tree in (reverse (parse-stack-parse-trees stack))
do (display-parse-tree parse-tree syntax stream drei))))
(defun display-parse-state (state syntax stream drei)
(let ((top (parse-stack-top state)))
(if (not (null top))
(display-parse-stack (parse-stack-symbol top) top syntax stream drei)
(display-parse-tree (target-parse-tree state) syntax stream drei))))
(defun nb-valid-lexemes (lexer)
(slot-value lexer 'valid-lex))
(defmethod display-drei-contents ((stream clim-stream-pane) (drei drei) (syntax prolog-syntax))
(with-slots (top bot) drei
(with-accessors ((cursor-positions cursor-positions)) syntax
(setf cursor-positions (make-array (1+ (number-of-lines-in-region top bot))
:initial-element nil)
*current-line* 0
(aref cursor-positions 0) (multiple-value-list
(stream-cursor-position stream))))
(setf *white-space-start* (offset top))
(with-slots (lexer) syntax
(let ((average-token-size (max (float (/ (size (buffer drei)) (nb-valid-lexemes lexer)))
;; find the last token before bot
(let ((end-token-index (max (floor (/ (offset bot) average-token-size)) 1)))
;; go back to a token before bot
(loop until (mark<= (end-offset (lexeme lexer (1- end-token-index))) bot)
do (decf end-token-index))
;; go forward to the last token before bot
(loop until (or (= end-token-index (nb-valid-lexemes lexer))
(mark> (start-offset (lexeme lexer end-token-index)) bot))
do (incf end-token-index))
(let ((start-token-index end-token-index))
;; go back to the first token after top, or until the previous token
;; contains a valid parser state
(loop until (or (mark<= (end-offset (lexeme lexer (1- start-token-index))) top)
(not (parse-state-empty-p
(slot-value (lexeme lexer (1- start-token-index)) 'state))))
do (decf start-token-index))
;; display the parse tree if any
(unless (parse-state-empty-p (slot-value (lexeme lexer (1- start-token-index)) 'state))
(display-parse-state (slot-value (lexeme lexer (1- start-token-index)) 'state)
syntax stream drei))
;; display the lexemes
(with-drawing-options (stream :ink +red+)
(loop while (< start-token-index end-token-index)
do (let ((token (lexeme lexer start-token-index)))
(display-parse-tree token syntax stream drei))
(incf start-token-index)))))))))
(defclass pump-state ()
((drawing-options :initarg :drawing-options :accessor drawing-options)
(lexeme-index :initarg :lexeme-index :accessor lexeme-index)
(offset :initarg :offset :accessor pump-state-offset)))
(defun make-pump-state (drawing-options lexeme-index offset)
(make-instance 'pump-state :drawing-options drawing-options
:lexeme-index lexeme-index :offset offset))
(defun %lexeme-index-before-offset (syntax offset)
(update-parse syntax 0 offset)
(with-slots (drei-syntax::lexemes valid-lex)
(lexer syntax)
;; FIXME: speed this up.
(do* ((i (1- valid-lex) (1- i))
(lexeme #1=(element* drei-syntax::lexemes i) #1#)
(start #2=(start-offset lexeme) #2#))
((<= start offset) i))))
(defun %drawing-options-for-lexeme-index (syntax index)
(with-slots (drei-syntax::lexemes)
(lexer syntax)
(typecase (element* drei-syntax::lexemes index)
(comment-lexeme *comment-drawing-options*)
(char-code-list-lexeme *string-drawing-options*)
(variable-lexeme *special-variable-drawing-options*)
(t +default-drawing-options+))))
(defmethod pump-state-for-offset-with-syntax
((view textual-drei-syntax-view) (syntax prolog-syntax) (offset cl:integer))
(let ((index (%lexeme-index-before-offset syntax offset)))
(make-pump-state (%drawing-options-for-lexeme-index syntax index) index offset)))
(defmethod stroke-pump-with-syntax
((view textual-drei-syntax-view) (syntax prolog-syntax)
stroke (pump-state pump-state))
(with-slots (drei-syntax::lexemes) (lexer syntax)
(let* ((index (lexeme-index pump-state))
(offset (pump-state-offset pump-state))
(line (line-containing-offset syntax offset))
(lexeme (and index (element* drei-syntax::lexemes index))))
;; in theory, if INDEX is null everything should be blank lines
(null index)
;; if we're not in a lexeme, by definition we
;; have blank space
(< (line-end-offset line) (start-offset lexeme)))
(setf (stroke-start-offset stroke) offset
(stroke-end-offset stroke) (line-end-offset line)
(stroke-drawing-options stroke) +default-drawing-options+)
(setf (pump-state-offset pump-state) (1+ (line-end-offset line)))
((< (line-end-offset line) (end-offset lexeme))
(setf (stroke-start-offset stroke) offset
(stroke-end-offset stroke) (line-end-offset line)
(stroke-drawing-options stroke) (drawing-options pump-state))
(setf (pump-state-offset pump-state) (1+ (line-end-offset line)))
;; before deciding what happens next, we need to ensure that
;; we have given the parser a chance to lex and parse beyond
;; the last lexeme.
(when (= (1+ index) (slot-value (lexer syntax) 'valid-lex))
(let ((next (min (size (buffer syntax))
(1+ (drei::prefix-size view)))))
(update-parse syntax 0 next)))
((< (1+ index) (nb-lexemes (lexer syntax)))
(let* ((new-index (1+ index))
(new-lexeme (lexeme (lexer syntax) new-index))
(end-offset (min (start-offset new-lexeme)
(line-end-offset line))))
(setf (stroke-start-offset stroke) offset
(stroke-end-offset stroke) end-offset
(stroke-drawing-options stroke) (drawing-options pump-state))
(setf (pump-state-offset pump-state) (if (= end-offset (line-end-offset line))
(1+ end-offset)
(drawing-options pump-state) (%drawing-options-for-lexeme-index syntax new-index)
(lexeme-index pump-state) new-index))
(let ((end-offset (end-offset lexeme)))
(setf (stroke-start-offset stroke) offset
(stroke-end-offset stroke) end-offset
(stroke-drawing-options stroke) (drawing-options pump-state))
(setf (pump-state-offset pump-state) (if (= end-offset (line-end-offset line))
(1+ end-offset)
(drawing-options pump-state) +default-drawing-options+
(lexeme-index pump-state) nil)
(climacs-gui::define-named-command com-inspect-lex ()
(with-slots (lexer) (slot-value (buffer (climacs-gui::current-window)) 'drei-syntax::syntax)
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