Commit 309d3db0 authored by Troels Henriksen's avatar Troels Henriksen
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Update in response to *drei-instance* changes.

parent 2b4b7100
......@@ -302,8 +302,7 @@ window"))
:bindings ((*default-target-creator* *climacs-target-creator*)
(*drei-instance* (esa-current-window frame))
(*previous-command* (previous-command *drei-instance*))
(*previous-command* (previous-command (drei-instance)))
(*standard-output* (or (output-stream frame)
......@@ -326,6 +325,9 @@ window"))
(setf (buffer (current-view (esa-current-window application-frame)))
(defmethod drei-instance-of ((frame climacs))
(esa-current-window frame))
(defmethod (setf windows) :after (new-val (climacs climacs))
;; Ensures that we don't end up with two views that both believe
;; they are active.
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ string at point."
(if (plusp count)
(loop repeat count do (forward-expression mark (current-syntax)))
(loop repeat (- count) do (backward-expression mark (current-syntax))))
(indent-region *drei-instance* (point) mark)))
(indent-region (current-view) (point) mark)))
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