Commit 5327322f authored by Robert Strandh's avatar Robert Strandh

Beginning of a Common Lisp syntax that will be extended during the

spring by our group of students.

For now, it contains an incremental lexer that maintains the entire
buffer as a flexichain of `elements', i.e., syntactic elements that
are going to be meaningful to the incremental parser.
parent dbe0f1d3
;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Package: COMMON-LISP-USER -*-
;;; (c) copyright 2005 by
;;; Robert Strandh (
;;; This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;;; modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
;;; License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
;;; version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;;; This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; Library General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
;;; License along with this library; if not, write to the
;;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
;;; Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA.
;;; Syntax for analysing Common Lisp
(in-package :climacs-cl-syntax)
(defclass stack-entry ()
((start-mark :initarg :start-mark :reader start-mark)
(end-mark :initarg :end-mark :reader end-mark))
(:documentation "A stack entry corresponds to a syntactic category"))
(defclass error-entry (stack-entry) ())
;;; Terminal entries.
(defclass terminal-entry (stack-entry)
(:documentation "Used for tokens (numbers, symbols), but also for
macro characters that start more complex expressions."))
(defclass start-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "dummy entry before all the others."))
(defclass whitespace-entry (terminal-entry)
(defclass token-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "the syntactic class of tokens."))
(defclass character-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "the syntactic class of characters."))
(defclass double-quote-entry (terminal-entry)
(defclass quote-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of quote inidicators."))
(defclass backquote-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of backquote indicators. "))
(defclass unquote-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of unquote indicators. "))
(defclass comment-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of single-line comment indicators. "))
(defclass list-start-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of list start indicators."))
(defclass list-end-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of list end indicators."))
(defclass label-ref-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of label reference indicators."))
(defclass label-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of label indicators."))
(defclass function-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of function indicators."))
(defclass balanced-comment-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of balanced comment entry indicators. "))
(defclass read-time-conditional-plus-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of read-time conditional indicators. "))
(defclass read-time-conditional-minus-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of read-time conditional indicators. "))
(defclass vector-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of vector indicators."))
(defclass array-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of array indicators."))
(defclass bitvector-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of bit vector indicators. "))
(defclass uninterned-symbol-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of uninterned symbol indicators. "))
(defclass read-time-evaluation-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of read-time evaluation indicators. "))
(defclass complex-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of complex indicators."))
(defclass octal-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of octal rational indicators."))
(defclass hex-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of hex rational indicators."))
(defclass radix-n-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of radix-n rational indicators."))
(defclass pathname-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of pathname indicators."))
(defclass structure-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of structure indicators."))
(defclass binary-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "syntactic class of binary rational indicators."))
(defclass unknown-entry (terminal-entry)
(:documentation "unknown (user-defined) syntactic classes."))
(define-syntax cl-syntax ("Common Lisp" (basic-syntax))
((elements :initform (make-instance 'standard-flexichain))
(guess-pos :initform 1)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((syntax cl-syntax) &rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(with-slots (buffer elements) syntax
(let ((mark (make-instance 'standard-left-sticky-mark
:buffer buffer
:offset 0)))
(insert* elements 0 (make-instance 'start-entry
:start-mark mark :end-mark mark)))))
(defun next-entry (scan)
(let ((start-mark (clone-mark scan)))
(flet ((make-entry (type)
(return-from next-entry
(make-instance type :start-mark start-mark :end-mark (clone-mark scan))))
(fo () (forward-object scan)))
(loop with object = (object-after scan)
until (end-of-buffer-p scan)
do (case object
(#\( (fo) (make-entry 'list-start-entry))
(#\) (fo) (make-entry 'list-end-entry))
(#\; (fo) (make-entry 'comment-entry))
(#\" (fo) (make-entry 'double-quote-entry))
(#\' (fo) (make-entry 'quote-entry))
(#\` (fo) (make-entry 'backquote-entry))
(#\, (fo) (make-entry 'unquote-entry))
(#\# (fo)
(loop until (end-of-buffer-p scan)
while (member (object-after scan)
'(#\0 #\1 #\2 #\3 #\4 #\5 #\6 #\7 #\8 #\9))
do (fo))
(if (end-of-buffer-p scan)
(make-entry 'error-entry)
(case (object-after scan)
(#\# (fo) (make-entry 'label-ref-entry))
(#\= (fo) (make-entry 'label-entry))
(#\' (fo) (make-entry 'function-entry))
(#\| (fo) (make-entry 'balanced-comment-entry))
(#\+ (fo) (make-entry 'read-time-conditional-plus-entry))
(#\- (fo) (make-entry 'read-time-conditional-minus-entry))
(#\( (fo) (make-entry 'vector-entry))
(#\* (fo) (make-entry 'bitvector-entry))
(#\: (fo) (make-entry 'uninterned-symbol-entry))
(#\. (fo) (make-entry 'read-time-evaluation-entry))
((#\A #\a) (fo) (make-entry 'array-entry))
((#\B #\b) (fo) (make-entry 'binary-entry))
((#\C #\c) (fo) (make-entry 'complex-entry))
((#\O #\o) (fo) (make-entry 'octal-entry))
((#\P #\p) (fo) (make-entry 'pathname-entry))
((#\R #\r) (fo) (make-entry 'radix-n-entry))
((#\S #\s) (fo) (make-entry 'structure-entry))
((#\X #\x) (fo) (make-entry 'hex-entry))
(#\\ (fo)
(cond ((end-of-buffer-p scan)
(make-entry 'error-entry))
((not (constituentp (object-after scan)))
(make-entry 'character-entry))
(loop until (end-of-buffer-p scan)
while (constituentp (object-after scan))
do (fo))
(make-entry 'character-entry))))
(t (make-entry 'error-entry)))))
(t (cond ((whitespacep object)
(loop until (end-of-buffer-p scan)
while (whitespacep (object-after scan))
do (fo))
(make-entry 'whitespace-entry))
((constituentp object)
(loop until (end-of-buffer-p scan)
while (constituentp (object-after scan))
do (fo))
(make-entry 'token-entry))
(fo) (make-entry 'error-entry)))))))))
(defmethod update-syntax (buffer (syntax cl-syntax))
(let ((low-mark (low-mark buffer))
(high-mark (high-mark buffer))
(with-slots (elements guess-pos) syntax
(when (mark<= low-mark high-mark)
;; go back to a position before low-mark
(loop until (or (= guess-pos 1)
(mark< (end-mark (element* elements (1- guess-pos))) low-mark))
do (decf guess-pos))
;; go forward to the last position before low-mark
(loop with nb-elements = (nb-elements elements)
until (or (= guess-pos nb-elements)
(mark>= (end-mark (element* elements guess-pos)) low-mark))
do (incf guess-pos))
;; delete entries that must be reparsed
(loop until (or (= guess-pos (nb-elements elements))
(mark> (start-mark (element* elements guess-pos)) high-mark))
do (delete* elements guess-pos))
(setf scan (make-instance 'standard-left-sticky-mark
:buffer buffer
:offset (if (zerop guess-pos)
(offset (end-mark (element* elements (1- guess-pos)))))))
;; scan
(unless (end-of-buffer-p scan)
(loop with start-mark = nil
until (if (end-of-buffer-p high-mark)
(end-of-buffer-p scan)
(mark> scan high-mark))
do (setf start-mark (clone-mark scan))
(insert* elements guess-pos (next-entry scan))
(incf guess-pos)))))))
......@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@
......@@ -89,6 +89,10 @@
#:beginning-of-paragraph #:end-of-paragraph
#:forward-to-error #:backward-to-error))
(defpackage :climacs-cl-syntax
(:use :clim-lisp :clim :climacs-buffer :climacs-base :flexichain :climacs-syntax)
(defpackage :climacs-kill-ring
(:use :clim-lisp :flexichain)
(:export #:kill-ring #:kill-ring-length #:kill-ring-max-size
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