Commit 5967b19c authored by Troels Henriksen's avatar Troels Henriksen
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Use `menu-choose' for selecting symbols when doing symbol-completion.

parent 76fad850
;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Package: CLIMACS-LISP-SYNTAX -*-
;;; (c) copyright 2005 by
;;; Robert Strandh (
;;; Robert Strandh (
;;; (c) copyright 2006 by
;;; Troels Henriksen (
;;; This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;;; modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
......@@ -3154,7 +3156,8 @@ results."
(defun arglist-keyword-p (arg)
"Return T if `arg' is an arglist keyword. NIL otherwise."
(member arg +cl-arglist-keywords+))
(when (member arg +cl-arglist-keywords+)
(defun split-arglist-on-keywords (arglist)
"Return an alist keying lambda list keywords of `arglist'
......@@ -3957,15 +3960,7 @@ For example:
(let* ((result (funcall fn symbol (package-name package)))
(set (first result))
(longest (second result)))
(cond ((<=(length set) 1)
(t (let ((stream (typeout-window "Completions")))
(window-clear stream)
(format stream "~{~A~%~}" set))))
(if (not (null longest))
(esa:display-message (format nil "Longest is ~a|" longest))
(esa:display-message "No completions found"))
(values longest set)))
(defun find-completion (syntax token package)
(let ((symbol-name (token-string syntax token)))
......@@ -3989,16 +3984,7 @@ For example:
(esa:display-message (format nil "~a completions" symbol-name))
(let* ((set (fuzzy-completions (get-usable-image syntax) symbol-name package 10))
(best (caar set)))
(cond ((<= (length set) 1)
(t (let ((stream (typeout-window "Completions")))
(window-clear stream)
(loop for completed-string in set
do (format stream "~{~A ~}~%" completed-string)))))
(esa:display-message (if (not (null best))
(format nil "Best is ~a|" best)
"No fuzzy completions found"))
(values best set))))
(defun complete-symbol-at-mark-with-fn (syntax mark &optional (fn #'find-completion))
"Attempt to find and complete the symbol at `mark' using the
......@@ -4011,9 +3997,26 @@ For example:
(not (= (start-offset token)
(offset mark))))
(with-syntax-package syntax mark (package)
(let ((completion (funcall fn syntax token package)))
(unless (= (length completion) 0)
(replace-symbol-at-mark mark syntax completion))))
(multiple-value-bind (longest completions) (funcall fn syntax token package)
(if (> (length longest) 0)
(if (= (length completions) 1)
(replace-symbol-at-mark mark syntax longest)
(esa:display-message (format nil "Longest is ~a|" longest))
(let ((selection (menu-choose (mapcar
;; FIXME: this can
;; get ugly.
#'(lambda (completion)
(if (listp completion)
(cons completion
(first completion))
:label "Possible completions"
:scroll-bars :vertical)))
(replace-symbol-at-mark mark syntax (or selection
(esa:display-message "No completions found"))))
(defun complete-symbol-at-mark (syntax mark)
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