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Blank typeout views before printing help information in them.

parent 11c6765f
......@@ -695,5 +695,5 @@ pane to a clone of the view in `orig-pane', provided that
;;; For the ESA help functions.
(defmethod invoke-with-help-stream ((frame climacs) title continuation)
(with-typeout-view (stream title)
(with-typeout-view (stream title t)
(funcall continuation stream)))
......@@ -56,6 +56,16 @@ record history."))
(defmethod clear-redisplay-information ((view typeout-view))
(setf (dirty view) t))
(defun blank-typeout-view (view)
"Blank out the contents of the typeout view `view'."
(setf (output-history view) (make-instance 'standard-tree-output-record)
(last-cursor-position view) nil)
(clear-redisplay-information view)
;; If it's on display, clear the window too.
(let ((window (find view (windows *application-frame*)
:key #'view)))
(when window (window-clear window))))
(defmethod handle-redisplay ((pane drei-pane) (view typeout-view) (region region))
(if (and (not (dirty view))
(eq (output-record-parent (output-history view))
......@@ -106,24 +116,27 @@ viewport, do nothing."
pane (- (bounding-rectangle-height (pane-viewport pane)))))
(defun ensure-typeout-view (climacs label)
(defun ensure-typeout-view (climacs label erase)
"Ensure that `climacs' has a typeout view with the name
`label', and return that view."
`label', and return that view. If `erase' is true, clear any
already existing typeout view by that name first."
(check-type label string)
(or (find-if #'(lambda (view)
(and (typeout-view-p view)
(string= (name view) label)))
(views climacs))
(or (let ((view (find-if #'(lambda (view)
(and (typeout-view-p view)
(string= (name view) label)))
(views climacs))))
(when (and view erase) (blank-typeout-view view))
(make-new-view-for-climacs climacs 'typeout-view
:name label)))
;; Because specialising on the type of `climacs' is so useful...
(defun invoke-with-typeout-view (climacs label continuation)
(defun invoke-with-typeout-view (climacs label erase continuation)
"Call `continuation' with a single argument, a
stream meant for typeout. `Climacs' is the Climacs instance in
which the typeout pane should be shown, and `label' is the name
of the created typeout view. Returns NIL."
(let* ((typeout-view (ensure-typeout-view climacs label))
(let* ((typeout-view (ensure-typeout-view climacs label erase))
(pane-with-typeout-view (or (find typeout-view (windows climacs)
:key #'view)
(let ((pane (split-window t)))
......@@ -141,11 +154,13 @@ of the created typeout view. Returns NIL."
(setf (dirty typeout-view) t)
(defmacro with-typeout-view ((stream &optional (label "Typeout")) &body body)
(defmacro with-typeout-view ((stream &optional (label "Typeout") erase)
&body body)
"Evaluate `body' with `stream' bound to a stream that can be
used for typeout. `Label' is the name of the created typeout
`(invoke-with-typeout-view *esa-instance* ,label
view. If `erase' is true, clear the contents of any existing
typeout view with that name."
`(invoke-with-typeout-view *esa-instance* ,label ,erase
#'(lambda (,stream)
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