Commit 6383e436 authored by Troels Henriksen's avatar Troels Henriksen
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`indices-match-arglist' fixed again.

parent 83d0d484
......@@ -3631,8 +3631,11 @@ Returns NIL if an arglist cannot be displayed."
(pure-arglist (remove-if #'arglist-keyword-p arglist))
(arg (when (< index (length pure-arglist))
(elt pure-arglist index))))
(cond ((and (> index (or (position #'arglist-keyword-p arglist) 0))
(not (null (rest arg-indices))))
(cond ((and (>= index (or (position #'arglist-keyword-p arglist) 0))
(not (null (rest arg-indices)))
(> (length pure-arglist)
(not (listp (elt pure-arglist index))))
((and (not (null arg))
(listp arg)
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