Commit 93371729 authored by Elliott Johnson's avatar Elliott Johnson

heh left some test code in there, sorry

parent a7a8590c
......@@ -976,8 +976,7 @@ as two values"
(unless (null (cdr (windows *application-frame*)))
(let* ((saver (parent3 (current-window)))
(top-level (do
((a 1 (1+ a))
(n saver (setf n (sheet-parent n))))
((n saver (setf n (sheet-parent n))))
((clim-internals::top-level-sheet-pane-p n) n)))
(level1 (car (sheet-children top-level))) ;; should be the only thing on level1
(level2 (if (typep (car (sheet-children level1)) 'vrack-pane) ;;don't select raised pane
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